Evenfall: Taking The Sealed Passage

by Evenfall



released March 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Born Dead Records Columbus, Georgia

Independent label based out of Nashville, TN. 10 years in the gutter and we are ok with that. Send demo submissions to puwc78@gmail.com

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Track Name: A Cry For Help
What will happen when you hurt the wrong one, future is no longer clear
Another arrogant stunt you will bring only to be the last

Throughout your days, people that you see all share something in common
They look to you with only distaste, you do not ask and let this be
Whenever a new day comes, So does a new way to you

A cry for help is all that's left, did not expect this today
For someone, For something
Is there a friend nearby
Continuing without assistance just can't happen
Death is all that's left for me, should it be this comforting

Since the people that you love, they always seem tot be
You find a way to get closer, but still you're out of reach
I know I may live lonely and being the way I am,
A cry for help is useless, I've drifted so far
So far away

I can hear them laugh at me

Since I have pushed and taken myself away, everyone else will speak how I've done the same
to all I know, whenthey hurt it was done alone, it's too late to change
but still live without guilt

Knowing long before given the chance, exactly how it would feel
An outcome has been reached for my so many selfish actions
How I know
They now laugh at me, the same I've done
Track Name: These Moments Of Truth
These moments of truth are way too familiar
What one believed is no more
Revealing knowledge that their game is up
We cannot go, we cannot go on
Until they know that his mind roams free
Eyes have seen this lie before
Times amount to the outburst you see
Ways are lost
Hope is not
But the truth is one thing
I will make you remember for lying to me

And moments before I let you in on the big secret
The end comes to you
The end consumes you

I will not hold back and tell all where you've gone
Just admit the closest will be the last of who
Betrayal is expected
News to me
Questions of you find what led to this horrific end

These moments of truth are way too familiar
What one believed is no more

Moments of truth are the reasons you left behind
All other lies will be answered too
You will seek the truth from liars
No mercy for the ones who decieve you
Decieve you

These moments of truth are way too familiar
What one believed is no more
it has come to you from all you've screwed over
These moments of truth are what we live for

The moment of truth is finally here
Track Name: Dreaming Tomorrow's Nightmare
From the shadows it appears to you in the clutches of chaso and eternal pain
This is the nightmare
The curse to you

Quickly, don't miss your chance to see it's rays
Blinding light overwhelms me
Is it all just a dream?
This dream is all I know
Black will surround me
In the back of my mind lies the way out
Never again to see
never again to see the light

From the shadows it appears to you in the clutches of chaso and eternal pain
This is the nightmare
The curse to you
Track Name: Kill Blow
Until you see and feel it's power, it feeds
All before have been devoured, I must defeat
I am the bringer, the next wave will see
Suffering will fuel the killer in me

Casualties of the cost will be honored by the very next strike from me
And so many others will follow this lead, it's our fight to win
With the blood of brothers, nothing else on my mind
A chance to get close enough to deliver

As their footsteps draw near
Killblow at my side
No longer feel that fear
Kept down inside

I have name the force that I intend to bring
Opponents in war and to their kin
This battlefield has brought an end to so many homes
You will know my part in this war


As the screams of the wounded begin
Rage once tamed but never again
I cannot stop
Blood of enemies permanently stain my soul
Cannot change, skies grow dark again
When it does, I rely on

Here comes the kill

Extinguish these flames with all your might
No longer hold that fear kept down inside
The way will end and when it does, Know that you have done your part
Make the remainders fear or feel the kill

My chance to get the kill
Track Name: From Filth We Rise
You may think you're above me
I only see the face of filth once claimed to be
The vomit lies
the natural urge to feed Consumes what little sanity

I can't stop sleeping in my own piss
Awake to the relief
I won't stop feeding on my own king
The name that i've been given will disturb the pigs

Every time I feed another one dies
Every time I breed you are closer
To the irrational thought
You may ask, in your wonders, where it began

Though forgotten and sign of a cure yet
The plague spreads
Unwilling souls will meet an end
The waste you rip from your empty shell is now nourishment for me
The day has come
From your filth I rise to slaughter the weak
Slaughter the weak
Track Name: The Seal We Break
It may be bound by magics but we will break the seal
Riches that our minds create
Become, the world that we have known is gone
With memories we take the blame and guilt
Regret has shown our virtue
Regret has shown our fear
The time, the time has come now
For us to break the seal

Receiving the call a location has been found
We gather with no question of our objective
The ambitions of this truth are weak
Today we search for this truth again
Pausing for a moment, what is this I feel?
The doubt we hold and know has vanished
Potential i s at it's highest, the thrill relived
Lost long ago
Before the jump we prepare
We prepare
No flinch to what we face

We brought with us the thoughts of those before us
here and now
the pasts of many and future for so many more
In the grasps of something so feard
Sensations flow through because
Your dream is so much sweeter
Now we go into the light

Darkness we've put behind us, the path we chose was clear
The black we hold inside us will only bring us fear
Finding something stronger, the thrills of life they will
Influence you to break the seal and pass

With the impression, the task insurmountable
and ressurection of the lost state
The will of one grows stronger
This notion has been seen before
Still needing purpose and for something to believe
The will of one grows stronger
Others will follow the lead
With the claim of harmonized thought they lead the way
They lead today

Remember how it was, you've seen all your failed attempts
The vision of all you've learned
Still you choose not to reveal all that you could bless
All that you could heal
You will know
break free of the chains and go forth to break the seal

Shining so upon us
Breath taken we kneel
The glow of glory on them
Cause we have broke the seal
Finding something stronger
The thrills of life they will
Influence you to break the seal and pass
Track Name: There And Back Again
There is where we started this cycle
Intending only to continue
Way before remembering how it was that we met you
Back is where we play our love to it's eternal resting place
The cycle we've started will continue on over and over again

With our love for the factions and all they bring
We may leave once but in time we will send for our roots
We remember and what they are,
The foundations of your character emerging
Show all the way
Show all the way

Determined is you
Impossible is never
Way too long we've stood aside
Now they will come back
Back Again

There is where we started
Back is where will place our love
Over and Over

There and back again once
There and back again twice
By now it's clear we'll keep searching
For that in which we love
Going after the source of that makes us continue

On our way back home we pause to think of you
We're lost during your absense
Please rescue us
From emptiness, we will return with you
Though we've strayed from this once, but never again
With our missions we hope to bring you close
Be one with us
It is after our hearts
The foundations of your character emerging
Show all the way
Show all the way
Track Name: When It Goes
I cannot wait for the day when it comes
My eyes, they want to see
The Gate upon me

Wanting nothing more to end this way I feel
Rethink options before seeking out the thrill
There is no more time for stepping out of this
Coming closer to how you've come to it
Angers for all can be released from
Same for the joys that you feel inside
I hope you've seen all that you want
Hope you've seen all because

I cannot believe my eyes
The Gate is upon me
So much pain has come before this
Now I am here
All will know what I gave up this life for,
You to blame the actions thought
And well in range for my eyes to see the truth
The gate is upon you

No room left for uncertainty
I must act now and finally see
Patience was not given at first
Time would tell what the heart would want
Acceptance now from the moment it was
Denial came from the decision you made
I hope you've seen all that you want
Hope you've seen all because